December 10, 2023

My Artistic Odyssey in Valencia 2023: Personal Encounters with Masterpieces and Makers


In 2023, I embarked on an artistic odyssey across Valencia, a journey marked by breathtaking exhibitions and encounters with visionary artists. Each visit, from the innovative Hortensia Herrero Art Centre to the vibrant In arte Veritas Valencia, was not just a walk through galleries but a dialogue with art itself. Let me take you through these personal experiences, where each venue revealed its unique charm and creative spirit.

Hortensia Herrero Art Centre – "Tunnel for Unfolding Time"

A Digital Odyssey: My visit to the Hortensia Herrero Art Centre was a journey into the future. The "Tunnel for Unfolding Time" exhibition was a digital marvel, a space where time bent and art transcended traditional boundaries. It was an immersive experience that made me ponder the endless possibilities of digital art.

Centro del Carmen de Cultura Contemporánea – "Jaime Hayon: Infinitamente"

Where Design Meets Art: At the Centro del Carmen, Jaime Hayon's "Infinitamente" exhibition was a delightful blend of whimsy and sophistication. Hayon's approach to design as an art form resonated with me, as each piece told a story beyond its aesthetic appeal.

IVAM – "Aref El-Rayess: Works 1958-1978"

A Window into History: IVAM's retrospective of Aref El-Rayess was a powerful journey through history and art. His works from 1958-1978, rich with political and social commentary, offered a profound insight into the complexities of his era, leaving a lasting impact on me.

Bomba Gens – "Somebodies"

Photography That Speaks Volumes: "Somebodies" at Bomba Gens was an exploration of identity through photography. The exhibition, featuring works by Cunningham, Iveković, and Woodman, presented the human form in diverse contexts, making me reflect on the power of photography in capturing human essence.

Vangar Gallery – "Cartografías Humanas"

Exploring Human Landscapes: "Cartografías Humanas" at Vangar Gallery was an exploration of human experience through art. The exhibit's portrayal of human landscapes in various artistic mediums was both captivating and thought-provoking, challenging my perceptions of humanity and art.

Russafart – "The Artistic Pulse of Valencia"

A City Transformed into a Gallery: Russafart's open studios turned Valencia into a living art gallery. Here, I engaged directly with local artists, witnessing their creative processes and the vibrant energy that fuels Valencia's art scene.

Benlliure – "Manolo Valdés and Juan Genovés"

A Dialogue of Styles: The Benlliure's exhibition featuring Manolo Valdés and Juan Genovés was a fascinating dialogue between different artistic styles. Their distinct approaches to color, form, and subject matter offered a diverse and enriching artistic experience.

Galeria Ana Serratosa – "Renaissance 1965"

A Rebirth of Artistic Ideas: "Renaissance 1965" at Galeria Ana Serratosa was an exploration of artistic rebirth. The exhibition's focus on works from 1965 provided a unique lens through which to view the evolution of art over the decades.

In arte Veritas Valencia – "Valencia Photo"

A Photographic Journey: My visit to In arte Veritas Valencia for the "Valencia Photo" exhibition was a journey through the city's soul, captured in photographs. Each image was a story, a moment frozen in time, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Valencia.


My journey through Valencia's art scene in 2023 was a personal odyssey of discovery and inspiration. Each venue and its featured exhibition offered a unique perspective that deepened my appreciation for art in all its forms. Valencia, with its rich artistic tapestry, has left an indelible mark on my soul.

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